The Danish firm Gran & Laglye were founded in Copenhagen in 1906. This is a very good example of a typical Danish hallmark!

Conclusion: Looking from top to bottom.

1) This symbol is for the silversmith firm Gran & Laglye.

2) Left is the control mark of Denmark , the oval frame containing  three towers of Copenhagen with the numbers 33 in the waves.33 are the last two numbers of the year in which it was made , so it was made in 1933.

3) A.RASMUSSEN this is the name of the designer that designed the piece.

4) The oval frame with S J is the Assay Masters,in this case J. Sigsgaard 1933 - 1960.

5) To be honest I am not sure what the bottom symbol signifies, maybe the symbol of the shop that was selling it? If anyone reading this has an idea please let me know!


This is a  hallmark of a piece of sterling silver, designed by A.RASMUSSEN for the Danish silversmith firm Gran Laglye in Denmark in 1933. It was assayed by the office J. Sigsgaard.


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